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Name:Back to School: A Supernatural College AU Fest
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Community description:A Supernatural College AU Fandom Fest

[personal profile] shirozora: oh shit, there went my brain
[personal profile] shirozora: COME BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK
[personal profile] shirozora: I can write a short one, right?
[personal profile] everysecondtuesday: YES
[personal profile] everysecondtuesday: VERY SHORT
[personal profile] everysecondtuesday: ONLY LIKE. 20,000 WORDS.
[personal profile] shirozora: this is such a bad idea
[personal profile] everysecondtuesday: >_>
[personal profile] shirozora: I'm already thinking where Jo fits in
[personal profile] everysecondtuesday: We could have an exchange! I will write one if you write one. *_*


This is some amalgamation of exchange and challenge. [personal profile] shirozora and [personal profile] everysecondtuesday are all in and must finish, because for them, it is an exchange. For everyone else who wants to play (and we're hoping there are a lot of you!), this is a low stress challenge, though you can also partner among yourselves to make a desperate pact that you will finish for each other.

We're taking both Supernatural and Supernatural RPF. Gen, het, slash, femslash, works that blur the lines--all are welcome here.

-Sign-ups now open and remain open through May 20th 11:59 PDT.
-Fic due July 20th 11:59 PDT.
-Fic to be a minimum of 2,500 words. No maximum.
-Art, fanmixes, and vids to be whatever size people feel like making.

-Creator sign-ups
-The basics
-Matchmaker, Matchmaker
-Back to School's Delicious

I'm sure things will be added to that once we have things further sorted out. In general, this is going to be a very laid back and low maintenance challenge. More to come soon. \o/
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